Katherine X YolkeGirl

The thing about luxury is that it’s all in the eye of beholder. An exquisite tote from Celine may be my tasse de thé, while someone else might be completely non-plussed. But there is something universal about the visceral feeling of silk against skin that immediately feels luxurious—especially when it comes to nightwear.

I’m obsessed with hotel rooms and while it’s lovely to travel with my boyfriend, I also love staying in a hotel alone. To me there is nothing more spoiling than running a bath, drying off and slipping into matching silk pyjamas before folding yourself into crisp white sheets and switching on crap telly.

work-work-work-yolkeOf course, most of us can’t stay in a hotel room every night, or even every month. But you can get a flavour of the experience by slinking into your silk PJs no matter what the day of the week. Even a few years ago nightwear and especially pyjamas were seen as pretty frumpy, but today we are lucky enough to have a pretty broad selection of brands to choose from. Yolke, founded in 2013 by friends Anna Williamson and Ella Ringner is the London-based PJ name to know with a speciality in original prints. Indeed so many of the motifs are so lovely that you’ll want to wear them beyond just the boudoir. Here are some pictures from a shoot we did together after Anna asked me to join the esteemed list of #YolkeGirls—and some ideas for getting the most wear out of your bedtime suit.

In other news, Yolke have collaborated with Whistles for these gorgeous sleep sets (complete with Instagram-friendly eye mask)—if that’s not the perfect holiday gift, I don’t know what is.