IWork Work Work is an anti-perfectionism project which aims to reveal and explore the non-edited challenges that women face behind the fantasy of social media.

The Work Work Work Motto:

1. No-one’s Life Is Perfect

2. Nothing Worth Having Comes For Free

3. What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

It’s all too easy to believe that everything is as perfect as it looks on social media. Work Work Work is a platform where women employed across a broad range of aspirational industries including fashion, beauty, design, art, fitness and beyond can discuss the roadblocks they’ve encountered at different stages of their lives. The intention is to offer advice and experience across personal and professional development—both in and out of the office. 

Editor’s Note

I’ll start this with a disclaimer: I post pretty pictures on social media. I love hotels and shoes and have absolutely no intention to hate on the incredible aesthetic universes that men and women have created and curated on social platforms. I just personally feel like I need a dose of reality to balance out the fantasy and that I need to share a little more of the depth of my own life to not feel like a total sham. While there are amazing sites which chart inspiring women’s closets and makeup bags, their holiday shopping lists and favourite vacation destinations, there’s often little discussion about what happens behind the ritz and glitz and that can lead to some pretty dangerous thinking, especially amongst young women.

I wanted to launch Work Work Work to talk about the graft it takes to make it and the strife that even the most glamorous women encounter along the way. It’s definitely not about making you feel shitty for filtering your pictures, choosing your best angles or spending way too much time stalking Celine handbags. We’re all human and Celine is irresistible. Rather it’s a place to talk about the rest along with the best. I’m also using this platform to share the things I love from the worlds of travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but keeping things as real as possible—so no private jets or Birkin bags any time soon.

I hope you enjoy reading it and take at least some comfort in the knowledge that you’re never alone—someone else has always gone through the same struggles both at home and in the office, even if their Instagram account suggests differently. 


Editor, Katherine Ormerod

For content consultancy opportunities across social media, digital and print, features commissions, brand collaborations and all other enquiries, email: ko@workworkwork.co

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